Dr. Jeri Breiner


Dr. Jeri Breiner is a trained Domestic Relations Mediator who is also a registered General Civil Mediator with the Georgia Supreme Court Commission on Dispute Resolution.

As a Clinical Psychologist for 34 years, Dr. Breiner offers a unique set of skills to help couples get on the same page and think through the implications of their decisions which will affect their futures. Her research of over 20 years on parenting and children with and without disabilities gives her the distinct ability to help parents design their own unique, practical parenting plan and custody decisions based on their personalized situations and their childrens’ needs as well.  Effective parenting plans are key for families going through divorce looking to return to a sense of stability and well being. Divorce is a major life change which is often difficult, emotionally charged, and financially traumatic. The traditional approach of contacting lawyer first and going through an adversarial battle makes it worse. Mediators and Attorneys alike are learning that this traditional approach is damaging to all parties, is often unnecessary, frequently results in future litigation, and in both clients dissatisfaction. Atlanta Divorce Mediation Services was started out of strong concerns about the trauma being caused by the current format for divorce. Our goal is to stop this damage and TAKE THE TRAUMA OUT OF THE PROCESS. We offer neutral guidance from trained mediators who come from clinical psychology backgrounds. Your mediator will guide you through the 20 to 25 areas needing to be addressed in the divorce process and empower you to determine your own future. This process results in a fair and equitable agreement that is called a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). You determine the outcome rather than relying on attorneys or a judge to do so for you. Once you have completed the process and the MOU is signed by all parties, this agreement can be processed in the court with the help of an attorney or by yourself.